I speak with Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network.  Alex has issued over 50 patents, is the inventor of Voice over Internet Protocol technology, 3X Unicorn founder and also founder of TransitWireless and Arbinet.

The future of business lies in data-driven decision making. On the show, we discuss how companies are using their insights from big data to generate A very few serial entrepreneurs are natural innovators. They use “effectual logic” to explore new opportunities and constantly learn how they can reimagine themselves for their business models or ideas to be more effective. They have strong innovation capabilities that include idea generation, clear vison, can quickly identify real need in the market, testing and relationship building.

The process includes finding the right talent who are willing to take on challenges at every turn; reframing business models, (and sometimes even creating their own), understanding key differences between trends versus fads, testing and experimenting ideas based off data analysis throughout development stage.  My guest Alex Mashinsky shares his successful journey with radical innovation, his purpose driven mindset and commitment to do good for communities.

What we cover in this episode:
How to use Effectual logic
08:39 Aligning soft skills and finding talent
11:02 Creating business model around new paradigm shifts
12:16 Being community-centric first
13:44 Learnings from failed venture
17:07 Changing customer behavior for new adoption
21:20 Purpose and alignment leading to success

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