I speak with Chuck Dougherty, Advisor and Board member and former CEO of Hardinge Inc. and with over 35 years of executive leadership experience in telecommunications and industrial sectors about his leadership journey.

Many organizations are struggling to respond and create the necessary plans to a better future. Business leaders can start by defining long-term goals, listening to customers and their organization, and create openings for dialogue. In the show, we discuss the functions of alignment and responsiveness that support growth and strategy. Chuck argues that it’s critical for companies to have strong customer engagement early on and discusses the importance of leveraging diverse stakeholders within the company and accessing global markets for innovation. He shares with us his lessons on the challenges around innovation he has encountered are almost universal and that solutions often require a change in approach.

What we cover in this episode:
Qualities needed for leadership today
03:52 Common roadblock in innovation
12:59 Metric around Innovation
14:00 Technology impacting business models
16:52 Change in industry mindset
19:58 Finding global market access

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