I speak with Juliet Scott-Croxford, President of North America at Brompton Bicycle empowering people with urban freedom.

The folding bike market is booming with new innovations and sustainability at play.  Brompton bicycle has been a major player in the global market for over three decades with their innovative products and aligning everything R&D teams come up with through true customer service.

In the show, we examine key strategies for adoption in global markets, what the upcoming trends are ahead and how sustainability plays a huge role on the market. 

What we cover in this episode:
Why sustainability is crucial
06:39 Our product differentiator is the ingenious design
08:49 In-house R&D and external partners
10:24 Brompton community biggest source of insights
14:19 Changing behavior and getting more cyclist on the road
14:30 Partnership to create urban freedom

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